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Awaken your senses with the Le Reve Silicone Bunny, the heavenly new silicone massager designed to fulfill your dreams and desires. Made from silky-smooth medical-grade silicone, this waterproof mini clitoral vibe is sleek, sophisticated and features seven thrilling functions. Just press the power button to activate the amazing motor and watch the rabbit’s ear flicker and flutter! The body-safe silicone is super-soft, hygienic and nonporous, and cleanup is a snap after the fun with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water. Try it in the tub or shower and turn bath time into passion time!

If you love clitoral stimulation from our bigger rabbit vibes, you can enjoy the same type of orgasmic rabbit ear stimulation in a petite, discreet handheld version. The velvety-soft silicone is sleek to the touch, while the super powerful motor provides mesmerizing vibration patterns. And no one will know your little secret, thanks to the whisper-quiet motor and compact size. It’s small enough for your purse, clutch, makeup bag or travel tote.

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HOT PINK, purple, white


  1. thubordhubord (verified owner)

    The wifey is usually not into toys. This was not intimidating for her. She likes the size, texture and shape. She enjoys it and keeps it close to her in the top nightstand drawer. The batteries can be difficult to find. It travels well and is quiet. Its a good addition to her bag of treats.

  2. Jim (verified owner)

    The product arrived very fast as it was advertised to do. It is made of a nice soft material and is a joy to enjoy. The little raised bumps are just firm enough to give me that thrill that I so desire yet soft enough as not to irritate. My only complaint would be that it needs to be powered by a D battery vs AAs because it seems that I’m changing batteries almost everyday.

  3. C. Daniel (verified owner)

    I was sorely disappointed by the size of this toy…I will update the review when ive tried it out.

  4. Elena (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful little toy. I am beyond pleased with it. It is so cute and works very well. Not the quietest toy I have but small and powerful and just wow. A wonderful addition to my collection and easily my favorite.

  5. Jane DD (verified owner)

    It’s not bigger than my two fingers and I couldnt get it to work. It was very disappointing. The texture felt really good so I’ll be looking for something similar in texture but not in size or brand. :/

  6. K. Li (verified owner)

    this toy is perfect ! it’ about the same size as my small penis. hahai have bought bigger toys before, my gf doesnt like it. she said it hurts.see? not everybody want a bigger one inside. haha

  7. Emilie A Anderson (verified owner)

    I am in love with it. It’s exactly how it shows in the picture. It’s super cute.

  8. peter (verified owner)

    Don’t waste your money on this defective product. Do not buy this product, it worked for 5 minutes and then stopped working. I replaced batteries with new batteries, again worked for 5 minutes and then stopped working.

  9. chilidogbob (verified owner)

    I imagine an electric toothbrush would be about the same.

  10. crimguy44 (verified owner)

    Spouse loves this so much that she left it under the pillow in a hotel room.Immediately bought another, which was defective and did not vibrate.Amazon instantly refunded the purchase price without qualm. (reason for the “3”)Now we’ll try again, and if it works this time, give it a 5!

  11. Anne (verified owner)

    The “rhythmic” settings are fairly useless but the first three settings are pretty great. Smooth feel and decent fit. Does the job eventually but would recommend it more for use with paired activities or an additional dildo.

  12. Prisma B. (verified owner)

    UPDATE: original review posted 03/2016; updated 09/2018I ended up disposing of this vibrator after discovering a build up of gunk in the battery compartment and underneath the silicone covering the shaft despite regular cleaning. This product is not structurally sound and I can no longer recommend it due to the risk it carries for bacterial infection.—————————–I purchased the Pipedream Products, Inc. Le Reve Silicone Petite Vibe, Pink which is the least textured or contoured of the petite vibe series. I have what is referred to as provoked vestibulodynia and pelvic floor dysfunction, a combination of conditions that can make even gentle penetration of my vagina excruciatingly painful. A three years ago I started internal physical therapy for the PFD and wanted to try penetrative masturbation with something more than my fingers. I searched and searched for a vibrator both small in diameter but longer than a bullet in length and found the silicone petite. Long story short, when I initially attempted penetration with this vibrator it was far too painful and I had to give up. But as I made gains in physical therapy (and mindfulness meditation) with my pelvic muscles, I was eventually able to succeed with this device and it made masturbation even more rewarding than ever. Today I’m happy to say that while my vestibulodynia is not resolved, it is vastly improved and I regularly exercise with medical grade therapeutic dilators many times the size of this product. Even so, I still use this product regularly and I am very pleased with it.PROS:+ great size for beginners+ the vibration intensity is also well suited to a beginner who may not yet be sure of what they want in a vibrator; it’s not crazy-strong but it’s certainly present+ As a person with vestibulodynia and chronic pelvic pain, I don’t think I could have found a better product to explore tool-assisted penetrative masturbation with; it’s certainly not going to take the place of the therapeutic dilators one may need for proper treatment of PFD, but it’s great for self exploration and just plain old masturbation+ waterproof which makes for convenient cleaning+ the silicon material makes for just the right amount of glide when combined with proper lubricantCONS:- inconvenient battery type (it takes 4 separate 537 batteries that cost $5.65 per 3 pack where I live)- battery life is inconveniently short (though this is directly linked to how often you use it, your millage may vary)- a few too many crevices at the hilt where bacteria can hide for my taste, careful cleaning is advisedIf you’re in a position of just starting out with penetration or looking for something to use with a vagina very sensitive to penetration I would recommend doing lots of research to find the product that’s right for you and consulting with your doctor, gynecologist, or physical therapist as needed. For me, this product was just what I needed at the time, and as a bonus, it continues to serve me well, three years later.

  13. Buttercakies (verified owner)

    I have one of this already but I got it as a just in case the one I had stopped working.. Really don’t want to be without it… It’s just a wonderful addition to your toys…

  14. LMM (verified owner)

    I purchased this as part of a bridal shower gift. Shower was last week & it doesn’t work at all. New batteries & still nothing Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to the return policy & now it’s too late. If you purchase, make sure you test it so you can exchange if defective

  15. Customer (verified owner)

    Still going strong!

  16. Customer (verified owner)


  17. Karen F (verified owner)

    Ive had this one for 3 years, and it now just stopped working. brand new batteries and it still wont work. im not exactly sure how long a vibrators shelf life is, but i will be buying it again

  18. josie damon (verified owner)

    Felt like nothing.

  19. Liz (verified owner)

    I’ve had this same item previously and this does not perform to standard. It only works on the maximum vibration speed, which is too much for me. Shipping also took too long.

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